Neurodiversity And Friendship

August 30th, 2021
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This started as a chaotic thread on Twitter that I created because I wanted to get some thoughts out of my head and sort them out. But wonderful AK Nephtali offered me to turn it into a guest post on their website, so here goes my attempt to make it more cohesive.

The context is that I’ve been recently diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, so I’ve been learning a lot about it and hanging out in ADHD communities to make sense of my experiences. Because ADHD and autism often overlap (some of the symptoms and challenges are similar, and a lot of people have both ADHD and ASD), and I’m generally interested in human brain, neurodiversity and people as such, I’ve been learning about autism too. I am aware that there are more neurodivergent groups than these two, and my intention is not to be exclusive, but I only have experience with ADHD and autistic communities. I will call them ND (neurodivergent) in this post. Keep reading on AK Nepthali's website.

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