Child Of The Forest — YA Fantasy Adventure With Some Dark Themes

October 27th, 2023
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Even as bait, Neoma thought she would have a little more time to have fun with her best friends on Tour before things got serious. But Tobias’ words still ring in her ears.

A chilling prophecy about tangled destinies. One that Tobias refused to expand on. Only a hint that a relationship with Luca will mean she never comes home.

Almost as soon as the journey begins Neoma is given yet another dire prophecy from the Mountain Herself: hold close the stars in your soul or the Mad God will win this fight and chaos will reign.

Neoma has a decision to make but the clock is ticking. Aurinkun warships have been spotted off the coast of Manena.

War is no longer a distant possibility. Only an inevitability.

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Child of the Forest by Audrey Simmons. A green cover with greenery kind of swirling around a silhouette of a young woman standing in the middle as if a portal is open in front of her.

This is book 2 of the Child of Prophesy series. If you haven't read the first one, check it out.


I enjoyed Child of the Forest. Neoma's adventures continue right where book one left off. With her close-knit group of friends, she travels to different places, trying to draw out the criminals who kidnap kids.

I think this book was more intense than the first one. There is still a lot of angst and tension between Neoma and Luka, but now it's tainted by the prophesy that she won't come home if they get together. The responsibility weighs even heavier on her shoulders as war looms on the horizon, and she is supposed to be the one to stop it. On top of that, she's being hunted by a dangerous group, gets sexually harassed as the only female Brother, and then physically assaulted to the point of serious injury.

Despite all the dark themes, the book was still pretty easy to read. It was quite gripping, just like the first one, and I was curious what would happen next. We get to know Vivia, Hemi and Luka better through their adventures and get some sweet and wholesome moments both between Neoma and Luka, and among the whole group of friends. Also, we get to see more of the world and learn some more of its lore, which was captivating.

You might enjoy Child of the Forest if you liked the first book and are into YA fantasy adventures with angst, wholesome friendships, a bit of violence and some dark themes that doesn't get too gloomy.

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The author

Audrey is definitely, totally, 100% an earth human. Do not listen to the rumors that say otherwise. When not trying to convince people she’s definitely a human bean, she sits huddled under a thousand blankets in the basement while hissing at the sun like any normal person. She’s an artist, animator, game designer, writer and above all she’s a storyteller. She lives in a cute little house with her fiancé and two cats that are both fairly certain are the rightful ruler of the housedom. Child of the Moon is Audrey’s first, and hopefully not last, book.

Find her on Twitter and Goodreads.

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